Potential: Proven

Elevating Business Performance


Understanding the impact that validating skills can have on employee productivity, hiring effectiveness, job performance and task outcomes is vital to measuring a successful training program.

Our diagnostic assessment process enables us to uncover potential and deliver a guaranteed increase in
business productivity – and we can prove it.


We are digital productivity advisors – delivering strategic insights and diagnostics to boost efficiency and
develop staff talent.

  • We assist you in developing and implementing tailored solutions across multiple geographic regions to deliver consistent, measurable and outcome-based benchmarks.
  • Businesses can take advantage of performance-based, results-driven training without imposing day-to-day work scheduling conflicts.
  • We provide participants training and learning opportunities that deliver internationally recognised and validated credentials not just a certificate of attendance.
  • Participants report improved problem solving, increased collaboration and coordination across workplace activities, improved ability to meet customer needs and greater job satisfaction.

Increasing Bottom Line Results

Productivity Plus+ is a globally proven assessment, training and certification program tailored to suit individual and organisation specific requirements.

The program is designed to empower managers and staff alike, to achieve.


e^Pro English for Professionals

E^Pro , is an English proficiency test which measures the speaking, listening, reading and writing skills of individuals whose first language is not English. The test measures a candidate’s English skills as they might be used by professionals in a corporate work environment.


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