English for Professionals Exam

E^Pro™ is the English for Professionals Exam.  E^Pro™ is an English proficiency test which measures reading, writing, listening and writing skills. The test measures a candidate’s English skills as they might be used by professionals in a corporate work environment. The exam questions utilise both British and US English styles.  The test is an ideal assessment and validation tool for all prospective or current employees working in roles where communication skills are a highly regarded necessity

The E^Pro exam takes approximately 90 minutes and is made up of test items drawn randomly from a large item pool to ensure high test security. The test questions reflect many different workplace situations that require speaking, listening, reading and writing skills including telephone calls, email correspondence, dictation and summarisations.  The exam represents a reliable instrument to assess and benchmark English communication skills for both native speakers as well as those for whom English is a second language.

Key Characteristics of E^Pro

  1. Accurate, objective and reliable test scored by advanced language and text processing technologies to eliminate human and cultural bias.
  2. On-demand, easily administered test can be taken at a candidate’s convenience.
  3. Time-saving administration and fast test results. The test takes about 90 minutes to complete and score reports become available online within days after the test is completed.

Cost: $143

What does the E^Pro exam measure?

This exam was created to measure how well a candidate can understand and use English within a typical professional business environment. This includes the ability to read, write, speak and listen in English.

How should a candidate prepare for this exam?

In order to become familiar with the structure of the exam, access the online demonstration. This demo will help you understand the format of the exam questions. You can access the demo by clicking on this link: http://eproexam.com/demo. To prepare for the content of the exam, study and practise your English skills in reading, writing, speaking and listening.

How is it possible to more accurately measure communication skills with an exam that takes less time to complete and has fewer questions than other tests in the market?

While other exams use multiple choice questions that require a simple correct/incorrect answer, questions on the E^Pro exam require both receptive and productive skills that are analysed from multiple perspectives such as fluency, pronunciation and grammar. This exam structure and answer analysis produce results that more accurately represent a candidate’s overall ability to communicate. For more information on this topic, please review the E^Pro™ Exam Validation Report.

How does automated scoring technology work, especially with a written essay or spoken response? How can it be as accurate as human scoring?

Automated scoring uses speech processing technology to assess a variety of speech rhythms and varied pronunciations used by native and non-native English speakers. The system assigns independent scores based on the content of what is said and the manner in which it is said. To compile a score for a written component of the exam, the system evaluates the meaning of text by examining whole written passages. This engine is based on the implementation of Latent Semantic Analysis, which can understand the meaning of text much the same as a human reader. In developing automated scoring mechanisms for the E^Pro™ exam, greater than 100,000 responses were used to train the technologies and evaluate the correlation between machine and human scoring. For the writing and speaking sections of the E^Pro exam, correlations between exams scored by humans and exams scored by automated scoring technologies ranged between .95 and .98. For additional information, please refer to the E^Pro Exam Validation Report.

The E^Pro exam is more expensive than other exams in the market. Why?

The cost of this exam correlates to the high level of security that governs the test taker’s experience. Exams are administered in secure testing facilities in a proctored environment that confirms the identity of the test taker. This security is paramount in deterring proxy testing and ensuring the validity of an exam score for a test taker. In addition, the cost is influenced by testing four skills in one exam.

What does the E^Pro exam measure?

This exam was created to measure how well a candidate can understand and use English within a typical professional business environment. This includes the ability to read, write, speak and listen in English.

What is the advantage to testing all four communication skills in one exam, rather than testing each skill individually?

The E^Pro™ advantage lies within the exam’s ability to accurately measure how well a candidate can read, write, speak and listen in tandem to effectively communicate in a professional setting. This integration of skills mirrors the real world where professionals must be able to efficiently and effectively understand and respond to various and diverse work demands. Because the exam is concise-just 90 minutes-candidates are away from their jobs for testing for a short period of time.

Most exam results are not available for two weeks or more. How is it possible to receive E^Pro™ results within three business days?

Pearson Knowledge Technologies’ automated scoring systems leverage patented technology to measure speaking & listening skills, while the Knowledge Analysis Technology engine automatically assesses responses for reading and writing. This eliminates the potential for human scoring bias, while producing results very quickly.

I’ve heard the exam is very difficult. Why is it so much harder than other English proficiency exams?

E^Pro measures a wide range of language proficiency, including advanced skills. Some difficult items are included to specifically target those test-takers whose English skills are advanced. In addition, the exam requires productive skills rather than simply selecting an answer from multiple choice options. Productive skills require a candidate to demonstrate the ability to read, write, speak and listen. This approach emphasises functional, real-time use of language skills to ensure a candidate’s ability to respond matches real-time conversational expectations.

How long are scores valid? Why are they valid for that amount of time?

E^Pro scores are valid for two years from the date of the exam. Since many test takers continue to study and practice their English skills, test takers will want to be re-evaluated regularly to ensure their score reflects their current proficiency level.

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