The average Microsoft Office User only uses 17% of Microsoft Office functionality

The average Microsoft Office User self-assesses and overestimates their Microsoft Office ability

The average Microsoft Office User leaves 83% of Microsoft Office functionality untouched and unutilised

The average Microsoft Office User May be costing their company $1000s in lost productivity

The average Microsoft Office User admits that they are self-taught on Office applications

The average Microsoft Office User causes extra work for team members due to incorrect structure & formatting of shared documents

The average Microsoft Office User spend five hours per day using Microsoft Office applications

The average Microsoft Office User asks Helpdesk or other staff for help with standard functions & features

Productivity Plus+ is an internationally benchmarked Microsoft Office assessment, proficiency and certification program that uncovers employee potential and delivers a guaranteed increase in proficiency- and we can prove it.

The fact that it is globally recognised made it a very attractive option for us. Bearing in mind FEXCO is an international company, with offices in London, Glasgow, Paris, Madrid plus, Malta, Australia and Dubai, our employees can travel inter office with a certification which is universally valid and useful.

Donna Alderice

Group Training Administrator, FEXCO

We felt that since the Microsoft Office Specialist qualification is internationally recognised, is the only Office certification endorsed by Microsoft, and successful candidates receive a certificate directly from Microsoft it represented a real win-win situation.

Terry O’Donnell

Training Services, University of Adelaide

One of the key benefits is that it allows us to offer training and certification which has been developed specifically for business professionals. The program encourages continuous development for our people and leads to increased productivity among those who get certified.

Tara O’Driscoll

Price Waterhouse Coopers

Productivity Plus+ Timeline

  1. Skills AnalysisWe measure staff capability using Micorosoft’s global standard for Office productivity. Staff skills are assessed while completing real tasks in an application.
  2. Identify Productivity GapsThe data collected using the Microsoft Office assessment allows us to provide you with detailed feedback on individual and group capability.
  3. Personalised PlansEach participant receives an analysis of their strengths and weaknesses that allows them to complete targeted training.
  4. Reassess Your StaffStaff complete a final assessment to measure their improvement. Those who meet the international standard become a Microsoft Office Specialist.
  5. Demonstrate EfficacyWe provide a detailed report outlining the increase in capability for the participants individually and as a group.
  • Average Proficiency Level for Participants Before Productivity Plus+ 32%
  • Average Proficiency Level for Participants After Productivity Plus+ 81%

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