Code Avengers develop fun and effective education experiences around programming. They have rethought the learning process and built a proven system to get you the coding skills and knowledge you need to accomplish your goals. Code Avengers is currently used to support both instructor led and self directed learning in 10,000+ schools, universities, code clubs and businesses.

Code is Everywhere

Almost everything has a digital component or is somehow digitally mediated, so knowing how to code is more valuable than ever.

Lots of high paying jobs

Jobs for coders are among the highest paying and most satisfactory. By 2020, there will 3.4 million jobs for coders in the USA alone.

Gives you an advantage

Coding skills are valuable in a growing range of industries, including design, science, engineering, marketing, finance and business.

Practice problem solving

Creative problem solving is key to being a good coder, as you design innovative apps, and get the computer to do what you want.

Why learn with Code Avengers?

Fun & Effective Learning

Our courses are designed to be super fun and effective for beginners of all ages.

Live Progress Reports

You’ll receive live feedback of your students progress.

Learn Valuable Skills

Hundreds of hours of lessons that teach one of the most valuable 21st century skills: computer coding.


We keep your child and computer safe from harmful things on the Internet.

Easy For Parents

As a parent or teacher, you don’t need any previous coding skills.

Who's It For?

Our courses are designed for ages 12+, but are successfully used by many 8–11 year olds.

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