One of the first things you ever learned to use was a set of tools, right?

And once you did, nothing could stop your imagination from being on display…

So, why should this be any different when it comes to digital tools?





I really enjoyed doing the practical side of learning and it was really helpful to watch the videos and listen to them explain it first. People and businesses use computers and technology pretty much every day, so I just encourage anyone to get a grip on it now, so that you have so much more to offer when you are looking jobs in the future.


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Certification launches you into the world of





Primary School Solutions

From an introduction to computer fundamentals, basic applications and living online through to learning how to code, primary school plays an integral part of being ready for the digital world.

Secondary School Solutions

As the classroom becomes more technology-oriented, the growing need to understand world-leading software from Microsoft, Adobe and Autodesk etc. becomes critical at an earlier stage of the learning experience.

Tertiary Solutions

More and more employers are demanding employees with validated skills. As the world becomes more technology-dependent, students require a theoretical understanding as well as knowledge of tools.

University Solutions

For students intent on obtaining meaningful employment and universities intent on demonstrating that the courses they offer deliver meaningful career outcomes, core digital skills are essential.

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