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For students intent on obtaining meaningful employment and universities anxious to demonstrate that the courses they offer deliver meaningful career outcomes core digital skills are not just desirable they are essential.

In the current generation of ‘digital natives” high levels of digital confidence does not translate to high levels of digital competence.  Many students simply do not have the core digital skills to effectively use the basic “digital tools of trade” required to enable advanced learning.

  • Commerce, engineering or science students unable to use key applications like Microsoft Excel proficiently.
  • Arts students who struggle to use the necessary functionality of Microsoft Word to deliver academically acceptable documents.
  • Design students who fail to realise their potential or deliver project assignments because they have insufficient skills with Adobe Creative Suite applications.
  • Architecture, science and engineering students struggle to translate their creative abilities into reality because they are Autodesk inadequate or
  • IT students lack validated evidence of practical skills to show prospective employers looking to start graduates as practitioners with a view to future “C Level” positions

Provide Your Students with Valuable Skills and Resources

Certifying digital skills with internationally recognised programs from Microsoft, Adobe, Autodesk and HP can deliver digital productivity and application proficiency quickly and cost effectively.

By partnering with XCERIO you can:

  1. Access the eco systems of the world’s leading I.T companies
  2. Expand collaboration with global industry innovators and leaders
  3. Provide students with internationally recognised certifications to complement their degree qualifications
  4. Provide pre-requisite or remedial programs for students to ensure they have the digital skills required to successfully complete their chosen course of study quickly and cost effectively
  5. Take advantage of distance delivery options, multi campus licencing options and cross faculty teaching
  6. Gain access to up to the minute teaching resources, communities of interest and leading edge industry thinking.
  7. Use our range of licencing options specific to academic institutions to reduce cost of delivery and expand access.

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Microsoft Office Specialist

A Microsoft Office Specialist MOS enables students to tap the full features and functionality of the Microsoft Office system, resulting in heightened levels of individual performance and certifying digital skills.


Adobe Certified Associate

For those seeking employment that requires demonstrating the ability to use digital media needed to plan, design, build, and maintain effective communications, certifying digital skills in Adobe Certified Associate  validates the skills of job seekers


Autodesk Certified User

AutoCAD Certified User and Autodesk Inventor Certified User certifications include both academic and industry requirements in attainable certifications designed specifically for students


Microsoft Technology Associate

Designed by Microsoft Learning experts and professional educators and based on fast growing industry career tracks, Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) enables educators to teach and validate fundamental technology concepts, providing students with the confidence to succeed with more advanced studies as well as laying a solid foundation for their careers.


HP Accredited Technical Associate

The HP Accredited Technical Associate program provides the industry’s first associate-level, architect focused certifications designed for academia, validating the required IT expertise for translating business objectives into technology strategies and end-to-end solutions in today’s IT environment.


By working with XCERIO we can guarantee that students have learned and understood the skills they need to succeed in our university programs.

Dr M. Hank Hauesler

Senior Lecturer, School of Architecture, UNSW

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